Kota Kinabalu City

Taking a break from my China posting, here’s a short (pending) entry on my last trip to KK, Sabah in December 2015.

The streets where we stayed looked far more run down and dirtier than I could remember in memory and I had been there many times before. The tropical heat maintained unchanged, so was the presence of East Asian tourists. If a shop was seemed to be full of foreign patrons, never assume it was because the food was good. Chances are they could very well turn out to be overrated and overpriced, no thanks to the tourists who ruined it. The quality dropped and I usually found out through my second or third visit. But lucky me, I did stumble across some yummy ones (mostly pork- and fish-based).

There was so much to do (or to eat when it comes to local food) if we really planned, but we didn’t. My then-traveling partner fancied water sports (I dreaded water) while I wanted a train trip to the countryside (he hated long train journey), ended up no one was willing to compromise. Christmas night was spent in the room overlooking the opposite street where hotels were lit up while we bickered about our lack of activities and whose fault was that. I am just so glad that everything was over now.

I probably wouldn’t be returning to KK anytime soon.



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