Our Java Itinerary

DSCF3016Figured that it would be helpful to share our itinerary to those interested. As you can tell, we relied on the fantastic railway system to get around the cities. In each city we were in (except Jakarta and Cirebon), we mainly rented a motorbike to explore. The places we stayed were priced reasonably and comfortable. If you are looking for a luxury stay or great amenities, they might not be your taste. In my next post, I would try to provide list of food and places of attraction in each city if I don’t procrastinate too much! *fingers crossed*

City Date Accommodation Transportation Mode
KL 4th Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2 AirAsia
Solo 5th – 7th Istana Griya 2 Hotel AirAsia
Semarang 7th – 9th Imam Bonjol Hostel Semarang JOGLOSEMAR Executive Shuttle Bus
Cirebon 9th – 10th Wisma Bahtera Hotel Train (SEMARANG TAWANG) – (CIREBON)
Bandung 10th – 12th Buminanienie Family Guest House  Train (CIREBON)-(BANDUNG)
Jakarta 12th – 13th POP! Hotel Airport Jakarta Train (BANDUNG)-(GAMBIR)

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