Cirebon, sounded so beautiful once I got the hang of pronouncing it correctly. It was our third stop of the whole journey at which we would spend up to 24 hours. It was also the city we decided to take a break from all the exploring because the heat was too much for us to take. Other than mealtimes where we determinedly ventured out nearby to fill our tummies, we found comfort to spend remaining of our day in the air-conditioning hostel room watching TV, sleeping or doing nothing – no more looking up places of attraction with Google Maps and searching for motorbike renting. This was also the city where we decided the food was a bit too spicy for our liking. More to food later in this blog!
On the train departing from Cirebon to Bandung. Take note of the batik motif or pattern.. I read that its the specialty of Cirebon as different cities produce batik with their own unique patterns.
The most noticeable landmark from Cirebon train station to our hostel which was located along this main road. And this main road was the only we ever explored in Cirebon, for it was too hot to walk further. 😦


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