Kinabalu Mountain Lodge

DSCF2882[1] Part of the itinerary of my spontaneous trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK) during Christmas 15′ was spending a night at Kinabalu Mountain Lodge near Kinabalu National Park. We followed the guides of getting there from and back to KK city through THIS BLOG

Kinabalu Mountain Lodge is located 1km away from the main road where the van would drop you off. Make sure you arrive before evening, otherwise it can be eerily quiet and scary to find your way to the lodge in the cold dark night. I couldn’t believe I was sweating and having difficulty in catching my breath with the 1km of walking back and forth. I haven’t exercised much lately 😦 but then again it is hilly. DSCF2885[1] The girls at the reception and kitchen were friendly and they made tasty healthy vegetarian meals for the guests at small fees. But do bring along some snacks or necessities if you intend to stay long as there aren’t any shops around. WIFI also wasn’t provided at the lodge and the line was poor but it was a refreshing change to not be glued to our cellphones or laptops for once and just sit there enjoying the beautiful view from the balcony with a cup of hot tea or coffee in hands with the Christmas songs playing in the background. When darkness fell, the temperature dropped real fast and the sky was soon clouded by fogs.DSCF2892[1]DSCF2888[1]
With the realization that I wasn’t fit to climb Mount Kinabalu anytime soon, this experience was the closest I could get to be surrounded by the nature. The only regret was I should have planned my stay for a minimum of two nights. That way, we could spend at least one day trekking in the Kinabalu National Park which is just 2 or 3 km from where we stayed. We could just walk or hitchhike to get there! Also, our initiate plan of renting a motorbike to reach the nearby attractions like Poring hot springs and canopy walk, Kundasang milk farms etc. unfortunately had to be aborted as the lodge didn’t rent out motorbikes. Nevertheless, I was happy to tick off an item from my to-do-list 🙂


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