Sights in Saigon

DSCF2276Saigon (commonly referred as Ho Chi Minh) surprised me in so many ways. Sure, it was hot and humid. The traffic was stressful for a newcomer – motorcycles coming all over the directions as if there was no traffic laws. But once you got past them, it could be lovely amidst the hustle and bustle. It took us few hours to figure out how the crazy traffic worked and once we had it figured out, crossing roads became easy peasy. Basically just cross the road confidently and the motorcycles coming your way would slow down or go around you to accommodate the pedestrians.
The night life was equally eye-opening. Just when I thought Bangkok was happening, Saigon questioned my take on that. The crowd and traffic never seemed to slow down, yet when we woke up at dawn, we found hawkers already setting up their stalls and locals starting their new day. It was like the city never slept. We also came across many backpackers and travelers and after dropping by 3 cities in the South Vietnam (each with their own distinct character), I could understand why people choose to come Vietnam, rather than.. lets say Malaysia haha.
It was a shame that we only managed to scratch the surface of Saigon for our short 3 days 2 nights’ stay at the backpacker district and we didn’t even manage to wonder further enough to cover all the tourist attractions.
But I told myself, I am coming back!


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