Conscience 404

Apa dosa ku?” (translated to “what sin have I committed?”) running through mind when found self lost in the middle of the night upon a late arrival. One ought to know better, huh?
Apartment was cozy with comfy king-sized bed, L’Occitane as toiletries, full-length wall mirrors, built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets completed with cooking utensils. Could have easily stayed in all day long doing nothing with just the radio station on. The haze with the burning smell in the air didn’t stop the self-wondering to nearby new shopping mall over the short stay – run some errands at the banks, treated self to cold-pressed juice and favorite Chinese mixed-rice while indulged in Mocha coffee from McCafe (seriously, it tasted soooo much nicer that the usual coffee supply chains like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean were abandoned). But the highlight has got to be the killing anticipation and adrenaline rush before and during the sexy partner turned up with green shirt, jeans and sneakers for the day spent together.
The part of me dying inside feels rejuvenated.


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