Mui Ne, Vietnam

IMG_20150911_162924Lotus lake and white sand dunesIMG_20150911_173957Red sand dunes. Can you see the sea and those tiny fishing boats from far?

After a stressful arrival in Saigon, we left early in the morning at 6:40 to Phan Thiet station (which is nearer to our destination Mui Ne) using train. The day before, we got lost on our way to the train station to buy our tickets because the taxi driver couldn’t understand us. Lesson no.1 – always ask your hotel receptionist to translate everything then write it down in Vietnamese to ease communication problems. The 4 hours train journey was fairly uneventful. From Phan Thiet station, we followed our new friend – an English-speaking Vietnamese girl to take shuttle bus (a cheaper option than taxi) to Mui Ne town where the bus driver would drop us right at our hotel.
It was Stephy’s idea to include Mui Ne in our travel itinerary. Otherwise, I would have given it a miss. I thought it was just another trashy beach town like Krabi but boy, I ended up falling in love with her albeit our short stay. Admittedly, it was a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of Saigon. But what made me happy was the place we stayed. We checked in Mui Ne Backpacker Village paying the price of a backpacker yet we found ourselves a swimming pool and a spotless room overlooking it!!! On top of that, the restaurant played music I liked, served nice fried rice and cheap beers. There was no shortage of young eye candies around, in the pool. What’s there not to love?IMG_20150912_123912
We then signed up the half-day tour offered by the hostel. All three of us were herded and fitted into a jeep with two frat boys and two bimbos. First, we were dropped by the road side where we were to take off our shoes to venture into the muddy river stream called Fairy Stream. Lol, not exactly my thing as the rocks underneath the river could be slippery. It was nevertheless an experience to capture the magical rock formations along the river. Then, we were dropped by the road side again to take photos of the fishing village. Well, all we saw was a few fishing boats lining along the sea and seriously nothing else. Later, we found that the fishing boats only returned from sea in the evening. That view was simply majestic. Next was the white sand dunes and lotus lake, followed by red sand dunes. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and we couldn’t help snapping tons of photos while at the back of the jeep- it was totally worth the trip. The night walk along the town was surprisingly serene and quiet, without the haggling hawkers or waiters. All these differentiated Mui Ne from the beach and resort town I had always imagined.
I am probably coming back. To lie by the pool doing absolutely nothing, to rent a bike to cruise the sea and to soak in the beautiful views.


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