Where the Heart is (supposed to be) – Kuching

DSCF1698The famous cat statues where tourists always stop for pictures.. Kuching when pronounced sounds exactly like Kucing (“cat” in Malay).. There are a few more around but coincidentally, this is where I had my birthday surprise thrown few years back – it was one of those crazily memorable nightsDSCF1700Guess how many cats are there? (hints: definitely more than 3)

I am probably the least qualified tour guide to any new visitors because I don’t really know the latest happening events, cafes and restaurants etc.. neither do I go around as many places as I would love to. Since I have left for work, I try to come back on monthly basis. But the place is getting more and more unfamiliar – more and more cars, malls.. It doesn’t help that I am used to staying at home and only going out when I have to every time I am back. There used to be a pride in me that we were the friendlier and more courteous bunch of people compared to our counterparts in the Peninsular until I was recently proven wrong few times. So my belief has been shaken that I don’t know what else to feel or hold on to apart from the fact that my parents whom I care so much and some of my close friends are still living here. Then I realize I have been letting go of many memories (good or bad).. that makes me wonder what I am left with if I keep going forward without taking a pause looking back at the past which makes me who I am today. Thus, this is the beginning of a series of posts about my hometown – Kuching, mainly to visit (or rediscover) some places I have or have not been to with the intent to record or recall the memory and feelings.
DSCF1675The bus I used to take to my internship office where I stopped exactly where it was in the pic. Hard seat and non-airconditioned. Soon, the bus company might be forced to phase out due to poor business & competition from others in the industry. One funny thing about this place is it gets flooded during heavy rain. I was once stranded there with rats and other passengers because of flood. DSCF1673To reach my internship office, I had to walk past this magnificent pink mosque and historical cemetery. DSCF1701I never knew there is a Sikh temple tucked in a corner where I used to passed by everything until my last visit. I mean, there aren’t even that many Punjabis in Kuching.  I would know because their men are so fine. 


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