Krabi Town

I had meant to write about Krabi since getting back from her two months ago but I was put off by the slow internet connection (duh because I subscribe to the cheapest data plan). But then again, it wasn’t the most fantastic trip ever so I couldn’t help but feeling lazy about the whole thing – recalling then putting everything down in words. Haha.

We spent entire one week in only two places – Krabi Town itself and Ao Nang Beach. We could have ventured further to.. I dunno, maybe Phuket and Koh Lipe. However, the last thing I ever wanted was giving myself more homework to do prior the trip (oh you might get to read on how I screwed up my planning during the trip, not that there was much to begin with). Instead, we spent first 3 days 2 nights and last day in Krabi Town before we returned to Malaysia. Krabi Town is the saving grace from the disappointing Ao Nang Beach (I will leave that to my next post).

Lets talk about why I fell for Krabi Town!

1) Thai food. Seriously. Cheap, authentic and yummy. Even their simple fried-rice or soup noodles tasted so nice. That was why I was put down when I arrived in Ao Nang Beach to find that the food there served twice, if not three times more expensive.I wouldn’t be complaining if they were nice, but they weren’t. Not to mention the lack of street stalls.

2) Our stay at Ban To Guesthouse. At first, it was hard to find as it was located further down in a green area from the main road where we got dropped off. And I was a bit upset seeing how quiet the surrounding was because I liked to be in the middle of somewhere where it was more happening. But as soon as I got to Ao Nang Beach, I soon realized the air-conditioning SPACIOUS serene double room with balcony, hot shower and cable TV we were staying in the town was the best deal we had had. They have a lovely yard and restaurant serving European and Thai dishes where we had our breakfast.

3) Admittedly there is nothing much in the town and shops do close early, but the people were approachable – we were getting a lot help from locals while we were on the motorbike and also our guesthouse owners. Among the observations are there is a huge population of Muslims in Krabi and the people have contrastingly darker skin tone compared to their counterparts in Bangkok. It was coincidentally Labor Day and another public holiday in Malaysia during our stay there. Due to the Muslim influence, Malaysian Muslims love Krabi. On the day of our arrival, our pick-up bus was filled with almost all Malaysians. At the motorbike rental shops in Ao Nang, the record book displayed all Malaysian names and the assistant was showing us all the Malaysian passports she was keeping. We even saw our national cars on road as the people were driving crossing the borders.

4) The attractions out of town. We managed to climb more than 1200 steps of stairs up to get to Tiger Temple! We also rode all the way to amazing Emerald pond but I wouldn’t want to do it again as it was such a long journeyyyy on the motorbike. Too bad we couldn’t check out Blue Pond which is some distance away from Emerald Pond because it was getting dark. Oh, on our last day we even visit their newly opened art museums just in time for their art exhibition. Apart from that, we walked around their evening market, having coconut juice and green tea smoothie while sampling Thai-Muslim food and mangoes. Not to forget their weekend market where we hunted for food from stall to stall then sat down to watch kids perform on stage.


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