Introducing You My Latest Obsession

WordPress wouldn’t let me upload any pictures since I got home – some error message keeps showing up, so this post just has to make do without a picture of the subject – my 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite.

I absolutely heart my Kindle. Probably the smartest purchase I have made so far. The decision to own one was made when I realized the price of shipping a few USED books from Amazon US to where I live (Borneo) pretty much amounts to one Kindle. Imagine I have done it once in the past spending few hundreds Ringgit on few USED books and if I were to keep doing the same again and again, it doesn’t take long to figure out that it is economically wiser in the long run (assuming I would keep on reading) to just own a Kindle as Kindle Store offers a huge selection of book titles. With just one click, I can easily read books I have been searching high and low in Malaysian bookstores (and in most cases, they come wayyy cheaper). Everything has never been this convenient and easy. I have to be careful with impulse buying though – so just gotta ensure that those books I buy online are what I am looking for.

More amazingly, I managed to finish reading one book in just 30 hours (think of all the books piling up on shelves that take me ages to finish one). Instead of lying on bed surfing net with my cellphone, I can now read from Kindle every night. No worries about my dimly lit room and eye strain as the built-in light comes just in handy. Also, no more lugging books on every business trips I make from now on.

The only regret is why I hadn’t had the gadget wayyyy earlier. That way, I could have had all the books I love kept in the Kindle instead of being left behind in paperback format everytime I am traveling or commuting. Lastly, as much as I love Kindle, I will still buy those lovely and colorful real books from time to time as they are irreplaceable


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