Chinatown KL

DSCF1633[1]36 hours in Chinatown but the experience just got better and better each time I was there. The general complaint from Malaysians is that Chinatown is now filled with foreigners from Bangladesh and Nepal as stallholders. However, there are still plenty Chinese restaurants and hawker stalls selling all sorts of delicacies, some have been passed down for generations.
DSCF1622[1]One of the traditional Chinese grocery stores that are still around
DSCF1640[1]Fake branded goods like handbags, shoes, watches are on sold. Too bad I am not into them but I did buy a pair of loose pants for my travel use.
DSCF1634[1]A Chinese bookstore (which they have good collection of books that I almost bought some of the titles). I have my respect for those who still manage one in one of these days when information is at our fingertips.
DSCF1630[1]Chinese New Year cookies on display.
DSCF1623[1]Our favorite street stall – the uncle serves some of the nicest spinach noodles.
DSCF1635[1]Fancy a freshly squeezed glass of cold sugarcane juice under the sun?
KL view outside of the guesthouse’s balcony
DSCF1645[1]Where our guesthouse is located – just few steps away from the KFC
DSCF1616[1] Spent my first night in an all-female dorm – first step I was willing to do to leave my comfort zone. But I was reactive – greeted people only after being greeted and I would rather being left alone. Nevertheless, I ended up making two new friends – one British and one Brazilian girl & had the best afternoon chatting with them about many things in our lives.


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