My Guide to Living a Fabulous 2015

Title might be misleading. What I meant is how-I-gonna-make-the-most-of-2015 through 1) higher productivity and 2) greater ownership of my life

1) Sleep early
2) Wake up as early as 3am
– I am an early bird. My peak performance times fall in the morning where I can concentrate and think best. That’s the time I reflect on the day before, set my goals for the day then break them into an action plan with baby steps to achieve. The tricky part is when I ought to have my breakfast as I tend to get hungry at all the wrong hours if it is not arranged properly.
3) Have warm lemon water every morning, green tea everyday after lunch and vegetable juice min 3 times a week
– Not even gonna try to quit my coffee, unless I want to make my day miserable
4) Limit the night to light dinner (i.e soup, vegetable juice or bread) unless on days I am really craving for rice.
5) Exercise (running and trekking) a min 3 times per week
– Set goals (i.e. climbing Mount Kinabalu)
6) Listen more musics, watch more movies, read more and cook more but most importantly, ADD VARIETY
7) Enforce compulsory 30 minutes of finance/ investment learning every morning
8) Whatever your heart wants, buy it (be it sneakers/ tablet)!!
9) Read more useful stuff online (i.e. The Economist) rather than stalk people’s FB or respond to useless topics on forum
10) Give zero fuck about what peers have to say
– I know what I want/ what is best for me than following the trend

More importantly, I want myself to acknowledge that I have the ultimate power over my own body and mind, that I am solely responsible for own well-being so I must take charge of them.


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