The Tropical-ness

DSCF1472Ever since I came back from Indonesia, I couldn’t stop thinking about her – how diverse she is and how I ought to visit each and every one of the dream places. In fact, I already have my next Indonesian destinations (Brastagi and Danau Toba) line up for year 2015. Although it would have been nice to see other countries, part of me really wish explore more of own backyard – Borneo. (Again) ever since I came back from Kota Kinabalu (KK), I have on my mind all the Borneo adventures or challenges I ought to take on. Thus, for a start I joined a jungle trekking trip in Similajau National Park, Bintulu 😀

If you must know, I have stopped being sun-shy due to the nature of my job. I am okay with basking in the sun now provided that I have done all the skin protection. That is probably one of the biggest changes I have made since I started working, apart from developing a liking for sports (because I have to be fit when working in the field!!). So on a fine morning, a huge group of us (including kids and aunties) trekked the jungle together.

Honestly, I never gave much thoughts to the surrounding. It was definitely by far the longest route I had embarked on. My mind was focused on getting to the finish line and not getting tripped by broken branches or falling down due to mossy stones. I was surprised with how much my stamina has improved that I didn’t feel the need to rest every 10 minutes like I used to be. I was also impressed with how well I controlled and maintained my breathing. I did sweat like a pig but I didn’t sweat about the trek! It was a rewarding journey. I managed to make it back to the sheltering place for lunch without getting myself wet with the rain which started to pour down. I gave myself a high-5 and maybe (just maybe).. climbing Mount Kinabalu (4095m) next year is not a joke!


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