The Couple Unfriendly Backpacker Home

I was desperately searching for a place for my last night in Kuala Lumpur (KL). I had an early flight in the morning so I disregarded alternatives that required me to walk a lot or transit across different lines to get to the airport. At last, I settled for a backpacker home within walking distance to the KL Sentral (where I can be transported directly to the airport).

I really thought we could do better with the price of RM80 we were paying for for a double-room. Because this is what we got (The Boyfriend was sleeping while I took the picture):DSCF0742

That was not the end for us as we lived just fine with simplicity but what we couldn’t accept is that it is operated on some “green” concept. Thus, in order to save electricity and earth, light and air-conditioner would only be switched on at 7pm and would be switched off again the next morning. We found it so ridiculous because not everyone goes out during the day during their stay. Some people do opt to stay back and chill in the room. Anyway, I couldn’t read anything in our room so we had to go out. That was not the worst yet.. what was worse is no privacy for couples, even in a double room! The wall doesn’t reach the ceiling thus we could hear what our next-door travelers were whispering or talking about all the time (they heard us too)!!! Funny thing is this backpacker home is receiving some nice rating and reviews among backpackers, mainly those from Western countries. If only I properly finished reading all reviews, I would have been prepared for or completely avoided the above.

Luckily we were staying there for less than 24 hours. I don’t think I ever wanted to come back again, unless as a solo traveler living in the RM40 per bed dorm just so that I can catch my early flight the next morning.



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