Just when I was feeling so proud of myself for managing to grab return tickets from Sarawak-Kuala Lumpur-Ho Chi Minh City-Kuala Lumpur-Sarawak for a total of RM310 (USD98) during AirAsia’s latest zero fares promo.. I found out that I mixed up my Sarawak-Kuala Lumpur flight details. So now I have to fork out additional >RM120 (USD39) to buy new ones because AirAsia’s promo deals don’t allow booking changes (tickets to be forfeited).

With the additional charges being added up, I could have used it to go to another (more expensive) destination, i.e. Lombok or Bali :((

Next time, I shall be more cautious and less overly excited. And it would have been nice if I work/ stay in a city with International airport where I don’t have to transit like always in Kuala Lumpur.


2 thoughts on “Fark”

    1. Spend one or two months here. From here, you can easily hop from one country to another, either by land transports or cheap flights! 😀

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