A Real Gem in Sukhumvit





When it comes to accommodation, our uptmost concern is location, followed by price. The hostel has to be located strategically with public transportation easily accessible by us within walking distance. The price has to be low, the lower the better lol. We always go for a double room with fan and shared toilet. Having said that, we do emphasize on other aspects such as cleanliness and great service. So it has not been easy, but Tripadvisor has been helpful with all the ranking and reviews posted by other travellers.

When payment was made online for my Bangkok accommodation (Suk 11), I was a bit in doubt. The latest online reviews generated weren’t that favorable towards my choice. Also, I was worried that The Boyfriend might not like it. For your information, he is fussier than me although he claimed otherwise. Needless to say, I was relieved when our choice turned out very much to our liking.

First, the location couldn’t be anymore strategic. Everything was within our reach and we were spoiled with choices of food/ bars/ massage parlours/ things to see. Our hostel is just tucked away in a corner surrounded by some restaurants. Second, I believe our room was upgraded from basic double room with fan to air-conditioning. Having stayed few nights in KL in a basic windowless room with only fan, we were only too happy for a change – no more waking up middle of the nights with sweat staining our clothes. Third, Suk 11 is not your ordinary hostel! We were amazed with the efforts the owner and his family has put in to decorate and maintain it. We always wandered from one floor to another to check out the wall with scribbles left by travellers all over the world, the bookshelves, the balcony and the wooden junky decorations along the corridors. Also, unlike other travellers, we never had any problems with the one guy and girls at the front desk – they definitely weren’t rude or unfriendly by our definitions.

For our future trips, we are considering to spend more on the room (at least one which comes with air-conditioning) and put even more emphasis on the uniqueness and character of the place we are gonna stay.


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