Pineapple Malibu

I simply couldn’t be bothered with the fancy restaurants in Thailand although some of them got good reviews online and they were packed every time we passed by (they must have been good to attract the crowd, right?). Fine dining would cost more than what we were willing to pay. We would rather sample the Thai street food although it means enjoying the meals by the roadside and getting risked being splashed by water with the cars passing by and all after each heavy rain.
But there was one thing I really wanted to do and it topped my list – bar hopping. I know this might sound ridiculous but I really wished to check out as many interesting bars as I could. I was also entertained with the idea of chilling while enjoying the people watching and music played. One of our most favorite was pointing out all the white-Thai couples passed by us then discussed which of them were genuine or transactional.
Despite the list of bars I had prepared, we only went to two. Our favorite is Cheap Charlie’s Bar. It has some really interesting and strange junks as decorations. Tables and chairs are in the open space by the road and you might have to stand while having your drinks if all the seats are fully occupied. We would have gone to it all three nights (the biggest plus point is it is just located at the corner near to where we stayed) we were there if it didn’t close on one of the nights.


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