Our Backpacking Experience

– Stayed at budget guesthouse (RM50-60 per day) with only fan and shared bathroom. Truth is, The Boyfriend and I are cheapskates who are not willing to fork out more for accommodation unless the bills are footed by someone else.
– Walked under the sun to take public transport with our backpacks and sneakers. However, The Boyfriend drove his car from the North on our second trip there. Guess what? We totally abandoned the public transport. But of course, at the end of the trip, we came to agree that we should have just stick to walking and using the public transport to save us from going through all the fuss from having to drive in the big city even though that means I couldn’t look pretty with my heels and dresses while shopping.
– Tried out street food we discovered along the roads. What happened was we kept going back to the stalls selling the food we liked. Once we found something that suits our taste buds, we could no longer be bothered to discover other food. And for the record, we barely did any sightseeing as we would rather stay in the air-conditioned shopping malls, debate why Malaysians are still dining in fancy places despite the high living cost at our favorite coffee franchise. Apart from that, we spent our remaining time in the guesthouse lazing around because we like it laidback

We are probably the most boring and unadventurous couple.


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